How Black Hat SEO Practices Can Affect Your Website Credibility?

To rank well in Google search many spammers try to manipulate algorithms by practicing various unethical methods such as link manipulation, keyword stuffing, content spinning, hidden texts & links, buying an old domain and then redirecting that site to target site etc. These techniques are simply treated as black hat SEO because Google doesn’t approve …

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How Websites can Maintain Consistent SEO Rankings?

Accomplishing top position in Google search results pages is a typical aspiration for every online website. Some established brands and authoritative websites that have adopted efficient digital marketing strategies rank well in search results, whereas others are still scrambling to make their websites SEO friendly. Yet, many websites that have reached good positions in search …

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How to Identify a Quality Digital Marketing Partner for Your Business?

As digital marketing is in great demand now, businesses seeking digital marketing services will obviously come across many freelance companies and low quality providers claiming as premier providers. The increase in low quality providers has made the job of website owners difficult as the task of finding the right provider for digital marketing has become …

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The Importance of Marketing Mind-Set in Digital Marketing

On the topic of digital marketing best practices, when discussions or articles are reviewed as the print and online, you will typically find the discussion get into development and changes being made by the Google and other search engines. You will often find the articles talk about the various tools free and paid that are …

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Client’s Expectations from a Professional SEO Provider

Before assigning any project, the client expects certain things from the SEO provider. Maintaining the business relationship with a client by delivering to their expectations is more challenging than getting a project itself. The best way to maintain cordial relationship with the client is by following Relationship Orientation that has many advantages over Transactional Orientation.

Content Syndication – How it Helps Your Business Online

There is a lot of ignorance and confusion among many small business owners on content syndication, a process of distributing the content in third party websites. Due to ignorance and lack of proper guidance, they are missing out on many benefits it brings to their business. Misconceptions on content syndication dispelled in this article.

Time for Business Owners to Change their Attitudes towards SEO

SEO as it was done in the past is dead. Today, it is a combination of marketing, content, web promotion, IT and social media credentials. Cheap tactics that worked earlier don’t work today. It is high time now for business owners to understand the changing scenario and change their attitudes towards SEO.