Information Revolution Led by Internet

Internet is referred to as the first technology that achieved a global scope. Now, there are zillions of web pages on Internet with lots of information, almost on anything. There are no restrictions to access general information on internet. The evolution of search engines has made the ease of accessing the information online at finger tips.

Internet and the Information age
The age before Information was called the Industrial age where people had to face scarcity of information and time lag to access the available information. Today, Internet has evolved to be a crucial medium in distributing and accessing the relevant information within no time. Internet is also the fastest growing media that has the capability to impact the social, technological, economical and political activities of people, all over the world. This can be compared with the Information revolution brought by the invention of printing press.

Accessibility of information at any time
In this information age, the competition among businesses has grown incredibly all around the world in all kind of industries. It is unaffordable for any competent business to succumb to information limitations, in order to sustain in the competitive environment. Control of the availability of the information is no longer confined to the few people. People are free to communicate, work and access information round the clock from anywhere in the world. It is through Internet that the communications have grown incredibly and leveraged outsourcing of services to such a big extent.

Information for decision making
For any Information-age organization, it is the information that is going to help to sustain the competition. The success of any organization in the information age relies with the speed and accuracy of gaining relevant information and making effective decisions based on it. No other medium is as effective or reliable as Internet for such purposes. There is a vast amount of information available on internet on any field, which can be collected, analyzed, and then used for effective decision making.

Indeed, the internet has become an indispensable tool in the part and parcel of people’s lives, as it gained influence in information distribution. The role of the internet as a useful, practical, and even essential, information tool by other forms of media is increasing and is a clear example of the information era powered by Internet.