Key Attributes That Define a Professional SEO Provider

Date Published: 3-Jul-2013 | By: Kerry K Robinson

Professionalism is predominantly an attitude, not a set of competencies. A real professional is a technician who cares.” – David Maister

Many business owners and marketing managers out there are looking for professional SEO providers. They generally equate professionalism with experience, certifications of the company, expertise, etc. and award their project. No doubt, professionalism involves all these things. Professionalism also covers much more.

Key attributes of a professional SEO provider
Professional SEO providers stick to the best practices day in and day out as part of their regular work while taking care of their clients’ needs. But what are the best practices that make them professional?

  • Do ordinary things extraordinary well: SEO today is a complex skill. Unlike earlier, when certain number of links to a website guaranteed results, today it is more about taking care of various things – good content, usability, natural link building, social status of the site on the Internet, etc.These things may look ordinary but they need extra ordinary effort to do well. For this, along with expertise, the people working on the project should have a good knack of attention to detail. In other words, they need to be very thorough in what they do – reviewing every word, checking every link, building the links and managing the reputation of the site on the Internet. Simply, they strive for pursuit of excellence.
  • Time management: Professional SEO providers strictly follow deadlines and if possible they try to reach their targets before the reporting dates. They will have well designed systems in place that enable them to send reports and updates to clients on time.
  • Under promise, over deliver: This is one of the primary qualities of professional companies. They, many times, under promise and over deliver. This is their way of delighting clients with value added services. If they commit to do something by certain time they will surely do it. They generally honor their commitments. Beware of the SEO companies that promise to bring you top one position overnight, it’s impossible.
  • Stick to core values and principles: You can find many companies that cross-sell their SEO services to the clients. Professional SEO providers work the other way. If any client reaches them for a service that they are not specialized in, no matter how big the project is, they will decline it. Unless they feel that they are able to do full justice to the project they will not take it up. Instead, they will recommend third party vendors who are competent and share similar values with them.Also, many low end SEO providers do not stress much on their on-page recommendations. When there is a drop in rankings, they simply say, “It’s your fault as you did not implement the changes we recommended.” A professional SEO provider on the other hand, will be very firm on the recommendations he gives.
  • A dynamic team to represent client: A professional SEO company will have someone internally to represent the client. This team will be demanding while coordinating with different teams internally and in getting things done. They always think from client’s point of view and represent them while communicating with the teams.
  • Focus on long-term success: Professional SEO providers constantly look for ways to offer services to clients in an ethical manner that helps them in long term and not take shortcuts that may workout in the short run but negatively affects the site once the project is over.
  • Reduce anxiety: Search engine algorithm updates are quite common. They sometimes can significantly affect the rankings of a website. During such times, most of the unprofessional/low end SEO providers try to avoid conversation with clients. They try to escape from the situation. But it’s the professional SEO provider who puts the effort in tracking the changes, observing the developments and comes out with the real facts. The main point here is – he tries to educate the client as soon as possible and reduce his anxiety.
  • Committed workforce: Professional SEO companies focus on offering result oriented services through their dedication towards work, work and work. The 40-hour workweek concept will not work when it comes to SEO. Whenever there are algorithm updates or when there is a drop in rankings, the dedicated staff in professional SEO company will be ready to work beyond their working hours to take care of their clients’ website rankings.

The key attribute that differentiates a professional SEO company from other providers is not just expertise but the way they take care of their clients. By pursuing this priority of caring the clients while serving their needs, professional SEO companies gain respect from clients.

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