Smaller Sites Can Rank Ahead of Bigger Sites: Matt Cutts

Date Published: 27-May-2014 | By: Nancy R Jones

If you thought only larger sites can rank better than smaller sites, then you are mistaken. Because, recently Matt Cutt’s, Google’s head of search spam, disagrees with the assumption that large national brands rank high and have higher traffic when compared to smaller sites.

To put this point across he has come up with some explanations that will clear your false assumption that smaller websites cannot compete with the bigger ones. He says that smaller sites with superior content can rank high in search results.

  • The quality of the site and the content on the web pages will make a difference in search rankings.
    • Smaller sites have more opportunities and capabilities due to their size for producing fresh content more quickly.
    • Smaller sites with superior content are the ones that end up becoming lager sites. For example, Facebook, Instagram and Google were once smaller sites, but with their focus on user experience and delivering value, they ended up becoming larger sites.
  • He further says that, you need to concentrate on covering one niche really well. Grow that niche once you gain authority in it and you will be able to cover other areas of that niche. He refers to this as the ‘Katamari philosophy’ (Katamari is a popular PS2 video game. Katamari is a magical ball that allows anything smaller than it to stick to it and it grows in size. It starts as a small, sticky ball that grows larger.).
    • Focus on a specific area, be creative with your ideas, to rank high.

To sum it up, producing superior content is one of the best ways to rank higher. If a smaller website is consistently producing good content then nobody can stop it from ranking higher than the big brands websites.

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