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Website SEO Audit

Is your website built in adherence to best practices in SEO? If not, your goal in having a website to generate business leads will not be fully met, due to less or no traffic from the search engines.

With our website audit service we will assess your website and let you know what is preventing your site from getting good rankings on the search engines. We will also provide you the recommendations to resolve these issues.

When do you need a website audit service?
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  • When you are not able to see desired search engine rankings despite performing SEO
    Though you may have optimized your website, sometimes you may not be able to get the desired rankings. It could be because of some on-page or off-page SEO issues that are not taken care of. We will thoroughly assess your website for such issues and recommend a solution to resolve the matter.
  • When you are redesigning your existing website
    Protect rankings and your SEO credentials as you upgrade to a new website design. When a website is rebuilt, if proper precautions are not taken care and the site transitions to a new website design, you will lose all the SEO credentials and search engine rankings that your site may have gained in the past. To protect your site's SEO credentials and rankings, we have evolved a methodology and process. This work should be done meticulously and with high attention to detail.
  • When your brand new website is under construction
    Your web designer may be good with the design. But SEO is an entirely a different expertise that your web designer is unlikely to possess. With our website audit service we can work with your web designer and make sure your site is built with SEO friendly features.

This service can be opted individually or in combination with our other services.

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callus request
"We had revamped our website and shortly after that our Google rankings went deep down all the way to the 16th page. I had given up hope, but Marvist team made me follow/implement the best practices in the search engine optimization and patiently worked with us and the web designer. In a matter of 4-6 weeks the ranking for the key words began to improve gradually and now we are right on the first page, next to the heavyweights in our business. Thank you Marvist team !!!"
CEO - IT Network Consulting
Company, Eatontown, New Jersey, USA
"The plan sounds great and am pleased with the progress."
  Interior Designer - San Diego, California, USA
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