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Post Hummingbird Website SEO Audit

In the last few months large number of websites suffered with drop in online traffic and rankings from Google due to its major search algorithm updates named Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda. Our website audit service is designed to help such websites by identifying the issues that resulted in drop in rankings & traffic and recommend the solution to recover. Our website audit service involves

SMB focus by choice
  1. Backlinks audit
  2. Content & content usability audit
  3. Social media audit
  4. Site on-page SEO audit
  5. Website & technology audit

Backlinks audit:

One of the major reasons for most of the websites that got hit by Google Penguin algorithm is their negative backlink profile. In our backlinks audit, we will

  • Assess your backlinks on various parameters which are playing major role in search engine rankings like link relevancy, link quality and link diversity.
  • Figure out strongest, weakest and riskiest links that are existing in your website backlink profile and suggest how to remove the riskiest and weakest links from backlink profile.
  • Identify any missing variety of links in the backlink profile and recommend ways to improve.
  • Check whether your website backlink profile is natural or not and suggest best course of action to make it natural backlink profile and avoid future link based penalties.
Proven post humming bird, penguin and panda solutions for SMBs about their online success

Content & content usability audit:

Search engines are increasingly emphasizing on quality and usability of content on websites. As part of our content quality and usability audit we will

  • Check for spelling, grammar, structural errors, capitalization, formatting, structural issues and inconsistency in writing style.
  • Identify duplicate content on your website.
  • Check for keyword density and over optimization or under optimization of keywords in the content.

Social media audit:

Social media presence of your business and credentials have significant impact on search engine rankings today. In our social media audit we will

  • Verify the presence of business profile on major social networking sites
  • Evaluate the existing social media credentials of the business
  • Check the presence of major social media icons on the website
  • Suggest the areas of improvement on social media credentials
SMB focus by choice

Site on-page SEO audit:

In our site on-page SEO audit we will check

  • Keywords optimization in meta tags
  • Existing keyword/keywords relevancy to the website/business
  • Landing pages relevancy to the keywords being targeted

Website & technology audit:

In our website and technology audit, we will assess the website on 23 major parameters that will potentially impact the search engine rankings. Few of them are

  • Page load speed
  • Website code assessment
  • Site navigation
  • Usage of flash & frames
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"We had revamped our website and shortly after that our Google rankings went deep down all the way to the 16th page. I had given up hope, but Marvist team made me follow/implement the best practices in the search engine optimization and patiently worked with us and the web designer. In a matter of 4-6 weeks the ranking for the key words began to improve gradually and now we are right on the first page, next to the heavyweights in our business. Thank you Marvist team !!!"
CEO - IT Network Consulting
Company, Eatontown, New Jersey, USA

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