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What is Internet Marketing?

Last Updated:07-Aug-2013

Internet marketing in a nutshell is all about using the Internet to sell your product and services. A good Internet marketing program involves planning and executing several activities in co-ordination. Firstly, Internet marketing, in most cases includes communicating about your business on the web with an appealing, easily navigable and easily understood website.

The website is leveraged to communicate the advantages of your products and services, establish credibility and motivate a potential customer to purchase. Internet marketing is to rank high on the search engines for searches on keywords related to your business. In most cases, this results in generating quality business leads and supporting your sales team in focusing attention as they are already in the process of buying.

For some businesses, where sales transactions are done on their website, Internet marketing involves attracting customers, monitoring website visitors and converting more of them into paying customers.

How is Internet Marketing done?
  Through a website:

A website enables people across the world to find the business. Also a website helps the business provide information about its products and services. An attractive website will help in customer retention, making him come to the business again and again.

  Using email marketing campaigns:

A thoughtful email marketing campaign helps create a life long relationship with customers. Email campaigns are also very useful in strengthening a brand in the mind of people over a long stretch of time.

  Through search engine optimization:

Using search engine optimization techniques to get top listings in search results for particular keywords i.e. for "Organic" or "Pure Searches" is another important Internet marketing function.

  Through content marketing:

Content marketing is one of the blog marketing strategies. It involves creating relevant and helpful content for the target audience in the form of articles, blogs, videos, infographics etc., and publishing them across the Web. This way the content attracts traffic to your website.

  Through web promotion:

Web Promotion is about promoting website across the Internet. This is the initiative undertaken by the businesses in order to be found whenever potential buyers are looking for list of sellers. Web Promotion efforts will be made in such a way that the website's online visibility is maximized. It can be done through Email marketing, blog marketing, banner advertising and SEO etc.

  Through pay per click ads:

Pay per click is an Internet marketing method used in advertising networks, websites, and search engines. PPC ads are commonly found in the search results page of a search engine. The advertiser has to pay a small sum when the ad gets clicked.

A successful pay per click search engine campaign involves multiple tasks such as: selecting the most cost-effective keyword phrases, selecting the best PPC programs, writing effective ads, designing and writing effective landing pages.

  Through banner ads:

Banner advertising is another technique used by Internet marketers wherein an advertisement is built into a web page. The purpose of the banner ad is to drive traffic to a particular website by connecting them to the advertiser's website. The banner ad is shown when a web page refers to the banner during a search.

Web banners, much like traditional commercials are designed to educate buyers about products or services and how they are better than those of the competitors. However, web banners can't be monitored in real time and are not specifically directed at a viewer's interests.

  Through social media:

Social media marketing is the latest and the popular form of Internet marketing. It involves using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to create brand awareness, to have a direct dialogue with customers and thus helps in meaningful engagement of target audience.

  Through mobile marketing:

Mobile Marketing enables a company to communicate and engage with their target audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. Mobile marketing involves sending SMS, mobile email, mobile advertising and by building mobile friendly websites. Through mobile marketing, a company can do location and time based and personalized promotion of their products.

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