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Web Research Services

The advent of World Wide Web has made billions of documents available online for Internet marketing research. We can access information almost on any topic with few mouse clicks irrespective of time and location of access. The vast size of the information available and accessible never before in the history of mankind is leading to an information paradigm shift.

This readily available information on the web can be used as a source for the research that can aid decision making for businesses. Businesses can access almost any kind of information from any corner of the globe just in few minutes that can give better insight. Information available in Internet can be leveraged in many ways such as reducing the scope of primary research, providing inputs in less time with low cost etc.

Then Why Canít You Do-It-Yourself?

  • The vast amount of data online is relevant as well as irrelevant to your requirements. To find that tiny bit of information that is necessary needs a specialist to do.
  • There is an extremely wide variety of material on the Internet, ranging in its accuracy, credibility, and value. Only an expert can sieve this to determine whether it suits to your needs or not.

We can help you when

  • You need information to take right decisions
  • You need to stay in touch with your customers
  • You need updated industry trends
  • You need someone to collect niche and high-quality emails for your B2B direct marketing campaign

Internet Marketing Research - Services

The WebResearch Division of Marvist Consulting offers WebMarketing Research (Desk Research) services to our clients, enabling them to successfully reduce costs and turnaround time, improve productivity and better focus on their core business functions.

Market Research - Services Offered:

Marvist Consulting offers offshore Internet marketing research services. These services allow our clients to stay focused on their strategic priorities. The time consuming, lesser value addition services are performed in a cost and time efficient manner by Marvist. Our research services will provide you the inputs to make the right strategic decisions.

Industry research reports: Marvist research team does online research and prepares yearly and customized research reports for various industries. We prepare both brand new industry research reports as well as update research reports based on your requirements.
Custom Reports (Ad hoc secondary research): Marvist will research and answers your questions about the markets you operate. Marvist will research existing published information in print and Web to gather relevant facts and create a report with the conclusions. This information will help you to make fact-based decisions.
Industry Monitoring Service: Marvist monitors existing and new trends and research on new developments in your specific industry. We can capture and summarize the key developments in various industries of your interest that can give reliable inputs for your decision making.
Background Research: Marvist will do necessary research to help you publish ebooks, whitepapers, presentations and other documents.
Online Marketing Data Collection (B2B): Marvist helps you with E-mail management in your online marketing campaign that results in new leads for your business.
Newsletter Service: Marvist provides content for newsletters and monitors the execution with a preset emailing list.
All our services include only desk research i.e. paid published information using search engines and Internet. We do not do any primary research services.

Marketing Research - Engagement Models:

Marvist Consulting offers two engagement models for its desk research services. We can work either on a project model or on a dedicated resource model.

The above services are only indicative of our capabilities. Marvist Consulting can also deliver other types of Marketing Research services.

How to get started?

Email us at with details of your requirements. Please do include your name, contact number and email ID or just call us at (877)-767-3071.

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  • Professional services for serious SMB companies
  • Helped 900+ websites since 2005
  • Senior consultants having experience in Internet marketing since 1998
  • Integrated team of experts in all niche areas of Internet marketing
  • Consistent track record of results
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Extensive experience across multiple industries
  • Will fit our services into your overall marketing plan
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