Why Not To Continue With Windows 7?

Microsoft has already announced that the technical assistance and security updates will end for Windows 7 operating system on 14th Jan 2020. According to Microsoft your PC will start and run after 14th Jan, but you will no longer get security and software updates from Microsoft. After that, if you are still running that outdated operating system(OS), you’ll open up your PC to hacks, malware, viruses and other potential security attacks. By continuing to use a PC with Windows 7 OS after the support has ended, your PC will still work, but it will become more vulnerable to viruses and security risks.

There are some computer threats to your computer and network system by continuing with Windows 7 after the support period has ended

Ransomware threat
If you want to use older versions of Windows 7 it will become more vulnerable to ransomware. The most visible threat to an unpatched OS is ransomware, you can end up losing data and list of customers, if a cybercriminal gets access to your computer through an unpatched vulnerability, you could unwillingly handing over all your data. By upgrading to Windows 10,  you will stay protected from ransomware as Windows 10 has a feature to prevent ransomware from locking up a user’s work and personal document on their computer.

Malware attacks
Microsoft mentioned that it will not take responsibility for any security breaches that happen to the Windows 7 system after 14th Jan 2020. Because new malware is being developed daily if your using an operating system that is no longer receiving security updates you are not protecting your data. Microsoft strongly recommends not to continue with outdated support as it will be more risk to your data and for your business. Windows 10 comes with Windows defender exploits guards which scans for quarantines and removes malware.

Hackers attack
Even after the Windows 7 end of life date, you can still use the operating system, but the important part is Microsoft will stop providing security updates. A lot of these updates are created to fix vulnerabilities in the software that are being exploited by hackers. Using an unsupported version of Windows 7 thus puts your business at an increased risk of falling prey to cybercriminals.

Wouldn’t be safe for web browsing
If you are an employee unknowingly contracts malware by visiting a malicious website, by using and browsing through an outdated OS. Windows 10 comes with a defender application guard which let you use the Edge browser inside a virtual machine. With an updated OS it won’t damage the computer or the network, because it will be confined inside these virtual machines.

You won’t be able to use Internet Explorer
According to Microsoft, support for internet explorer on a Windows 7 device will also be discontinued on 14th Jan 2020. Like the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer also follows the same support life cycle.

Using an outdated Windows 7 PC can highly damage your business, as your server and your whole network will become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is likely that hackers will target your businesses as there will be no new security updates to protect from such attacks. With an outdated operating system, you will also be subject to industry regulatory non-compliance. If an independent audit is required for your business, the presence of an outdated software product will mean that you will not pass. It may even influence which businesses will do business with you and also your business will be at risk of being hacked and losing all your data.