Working At Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) is Enjoyable Experience

Date Published: 20-Apr-2013 | Author: Pete Dubaka

One of the important things you should consider in a career is the size of the organization. People are generally familiar with the industry they are seeking a career in. There are three choices you can opt for – a big company, a mid-sized company and a small one.

In my career, I have a good amount of experience – working in small, medium and the very large companies. Each one has its advantages and limitations. Choosing the best size of the company depends on your personality, temperament and abilities.

Working at a big business
smbs enjoyableWhen you work in a big company, you are like the Gorilla – everybody respects your company’s size. However, a big company has its disadvantages as well. For instance, things are too compartmentalized and it is difficult to get a big picture. Worst, once the big company moves into a recession, it is tough to control the outcome. You can do very little to predict the future of your job since what you do does not make a big impact. Then, there are the layers of hierarchy, so it is sometimes difficult for higher management to assess your contribution.

Working at a mid sized business
On the other hand, mid sized companies have the balance of size and agility. However, there tend to be many takeovers, mergers, changes in management, etc. Otherwise, they have the budgets to make great things happen.

Further, there are fewer mid-sized companies than small businesses. Therefore it is difficult to find a mid-sized company.

Also, it is better to work at a mid-sized company that is a market leader in its industry because some industries are smaller than other industries. In such a situation, you get to enjoy both market leadership and work in a conducive environment.

Working at a small business
Of all sizes, small businesses are the best. They tend to be committed to a niche. An established small business has a good team. Many times customers like the company.

When you do a good job, everybody knows especially the top bosses and you get rewarded. More importantly, the roles are broad and challenging, and therefore, you get a lot of experience and even if you are a little smart, you can learn a lot and see how things work. Yes, there will still be processes and systems that can make the difference.

All in all, SMBs are great employers and great fun to work at!

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