The Importance of Marketing Mind-Set in Digital Marketing

On the topic of digital marketing best practices, when discussions or articles are reviewed as the print and online, you will typically find the discussion get into development and changes being made by the Google and other search engines. You will often find the articles talk about the various tools free and paid that are important for digital marketing.

Digital marketing discussions overly focused on tactical aspects

You will notice suggestions or recommendations on the budget to be allocated for SEO, PPC, email, content or analytics. There are lot of articles that discuss the importance of quality of work and imply the technical skill of the person.
Almost every buying guide on digital marketing talks about the past track record of success and measurable results of the service provider. This is all fine, no doubt they are important metrics. The most important thing to probably look in a digital marketing person is the marketing mind-set. In a market there are opportunities, competition and challenges. Change is continuous in the environment. The past success is no longer relevant today.
As environment changes, that includes consumer behavior, industry environment, tools as well as competitors, there is a need to regularly redesign the strategy to ensure the digital marketing activities deliver results in the current situation.

Innovative marketing mindset important for success of digital marketing

You could have people with skills in all the various aspects of digital marketing. But if you cannot get them to work on the best course of action for the client those skills would not lead to any meaningful benefit to the client.
Now marketing strategy is a complex skill. It requires analysis, knowledge of marketing and a creative solution mindset for developing creative alternatives to benefit a business. These things are lot different than tools, qualification or experience. Though all of them aid in building a better marketing strategist.

Don’t neglect marketing mindset in future digital marketing decision making

Before you make the next big decision on choosing a new Digital Marketing Firm, please give the right amount of importance to marketing mindset of the main resource in the agency you are planning to work with.

By: Uma Sri