Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin for WordPress Websites

Whether it is an e-commerce website or an online news channel, people invest lot of time and money in designing their websites to give a better browsing experience to their users. While the desktop computers are still relevant for browsing internet sites, the usage of smart phones and tablets has predominantly increased in the past several years. Moving a step further, today people are adopting various technologies to improve the performance of mobile web because of this transition from traditional platforms to digital media. One such technology that has been recently gaining importance in the consumer platforms is ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ or AMP.

How AMP is Useful For Websites?

AMP has already been rolled out to many platforms like Google, Twitter, WordPress, facebook etc with the aim to speed up the process of delivering static content at a faster rate than its normal loading pace. In fact, it is a good news for mobile users as they don’t need to click through desktops to access the websites to view the content. This new technology has made it easy for publishers to have their own AMP versions of web pages which can facilitate instant page loads and better user experience. The main intention of AMP technology is to streamline the content by cutting down the elements which causes web pages to load slower on mobiles, like JavaScript and other third-party scripts. Technically speaking, the AMP version of HTML, also called as AMP HTML, boosts the page loads three to four times faster than the normal non-AMP versions.

AMP Plugin For WordPress

Publishers and bloggers who use Content Management Systems such as WordPress for their websites are now incorporating AMP functionality to Increase Their Visibility on Google mobile results. This means the websites with AMP versions will be considered by Google as mobile friendly and will be ranked ahead in Search Results. To add AMP version in wordpress, there is no need to write or create any special code for the web pages. Wordpress has already launched an open source plugin, amp-wp on GitHub which dynamically converts normal pages into Accelerated mobile page versions with /amp/ added at the end. Once the plugin is activated and integrated into WordPress, users can make use of this plugin to recreate the AMP versions of their web pages. This means their website is readily available for faster retrieval by the global Content Delivery Network (CDN). Just like Edge servers in CDN, Google also has special AMP Cache servers where it stores the cached AMP versions of websites, so that when the site is searched on a mobile device, it can deliver the web page faster without any time delay.