Artificial Intelligence – What SMBs Need To Know

SMBs dealing with digital marketing understand the importance of computing models. After all the search algorithm was a program that ranked sites. Then over time with Rankbrain and the recent BERT, the involvement of computers in deciding about search results that affect the SMB revenues has been taken to a higher level. For this reason, understanding artificial intelligence is important for any SMB owner.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that encompasses so many intricate elements that no fixed definition can be given for it. However, from a layman’s perspective, AI can be defined as an extensive subdivision of computer science focusing on the development of machines that execute tasks, which traditionally necessitated the presence of human intellect.

In general, we can divide AI into two different varieties:

  • Weak artificial intelligence: The scope of this form of AI system is rather restricted, in that it excellently carries out only one specified task. No doubt, the system possesses intelligence, but it is bogged down by a relatively high number of constraints. Candidly speaking, weak AI cannot be classed as being a replacement for the intellect of people.
  • Strong artificial intelligence: As suggested by the name, strong AI systems are more intelligent than the above category of machines and they have the ability to resolve any issue. In fact, the intellect of a strong AI system is on par with that of humans!

Key facets of artificial intelligence
The following are some of the key facets of AI:

  • The realm of artificial intelligence is developing at such a rapid pace that many of the present-day standards will be rendered obsolete in the near future.
  • The obvious implication of the above point is that; companies, people, etc, need to keep themselves abreast of all related technologies.
  • There is a consistent increase in the industries that are incorporating AI into their everyday operations.
  • Systems of artificial intelligence that are fortified with machine learning render crucial service to businesses. Thanks to these systems, companies are now facilitated to analyze the huge volume of data, to recognize patterns that individuals would be unable to pinpoint.

Future of artificial intelligence
It is fully unsurprising that AI is a sphere where phenomenal growth is estimated for the next few years. Let us have a glance at some of the corresponding points:

  • In another year or so, the worldwide investments on AI systems are likely to cross $ 55 billion.
  • The sectors of marketing, insurance, finance and healthcare, among others, are anticipated to immensely benefit, with these technologies.
  •  As a result of increased reliance on Artificial Intelligence, there is going to be a substantial surge in job opportunities.

Criticisms about artificial intelligence
Just as a coin has two sides, in the same way; there are some criticisms against the technology of artificial intelligence.

  • Perhaps the most striking of all the criticisms is that dependence on machines of AI shall gravely impact the job opportunities for people. For example, the proliferation of self-driving cars would eliminate the necessity of regular cabs. It’s also argued that companies will even go to the extent of terminating the services of many of their existing employees.
  • If we take into account the fast growth of AI, it can be stated that people and businesses will have a tough time keeping abreast of rapidly changing technologies.
  • When there is heavy usage of artificial intelligence systems, the privacy of people could be seriously affected.
  • However much sophisticated a machine is, you just can’t expect it to be a perfect alternative for the brain of a human being. The machine is devoid of ethical values and emotions and this angle could become decisive in certain situations.     

AI is a technology that is not going to go away and many are expecting it to become an indispensable part of daily life. Over time with proper checks/balances including regulatory monitoring the positives of artificial intelligence would probably outweigh the supposed shortcomings.