Best Books On Design Thinking

Design thinking is a solution-focused and problem solving methodology that helps individual and companies to get the desired outcome on an inner problem or to do future plan and it is a great methodology for creative problem-solving.

There are some hand-picked books to understand design thinking better there are listed below:

1. Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations And Inspires Innovation.
Author: Tim Brown
Edition: 1st edition
Amazon rating: 4.5
Price (approx): $7 (Paperback), $5 (Kindle)
Product description: This book explains the design thinking collaborative process, where the designers are employed to match people’s needs not only with a technically feasible but also with a viable business strategy by adopting various methods. Design thinking converts the need into demand and it’s a human-centered approach to solve problems that help organizations to become more creative and innovative. Design thinking is widely applicable to people who are in the creative world and also in the design field.

2. Designing For Growth – A Design Thinking Tool Kit For Managers.
Author: Jeanne Lidetka, Tim Ogilvie
Edition: 8th July 2011
Amazon rating: 4.5
Price (approx): $24 (Paperback), $20 (Kindle)
Product description: This book unlocks creative right-brain capabilities to solve a range of problems. Designing for growth concept has become a necessary component of successful business practices and helpful for the managers to turn the abstract into tools that help to grow business while minimizing risk. By unpacking the mysterious connection between design and growth Liedtka and Ogilvie cover the mindset and technique of design thinking.

3. This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases
Author: Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider
Edition: 9th March 2012
Amazon rating: 4.5
Price (approx): $32 (Paperback), $19 (Kindle)
Product description: In this book of design thinking, it talks about, how to design to create outstanding customer experiences. Service design thinking is the designing and marketing services that improve the customer experience. And it creates the interaction between service providers and the customers. This book is the combination of knowledge of the twenty-three international author and online contributors from the global of the service design community and is also divided into three sections as, basics: service design thinking has five basic principles. Tools, it defines the variety of methods and tools used in service design thinking. Cases, it has real-life fundamental case studies from 5 companies.

4. Design For Strengths: Applying Design Thinking to Individual and Team Strengths.
Author: John k Coyle
Edition: 1st Edition
Amazon rating: 4
Price (approx): $23 (Paperback), Free for Kindle
Product description: Design for strengths delivers the process, tools, and mindsets required to find and maximize your hidden potential. Illuminated by a captivating narrative of Olympic training and competition, This book contains real-life examples of how individuals and organizations can use design thinking to define the right problem and to ask and answer a better question. Design thinking strength and innovation expert K.Coyle defines by exploring that the highest achievers intuitively know that each one of us possesses a unique combination of capabilities, talents, skills to achieve breakthrough performance but may need a code to break the lock.

5. Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation: What They Can’t Teach You at Business or Design School.
Author: Idris Mootee
Edition: 2017
Amazon rating: 3.3
Price (approx): $10 (Paperback), $10 (Kindle)
Product description: Many companies have lost confidence in the old ways of running a business to enter design thinking. In order to bring a solution for complex and current business problems, design thinking can be used. It also represents a framework of design thinking which is relevant to business, marketing, and design strategies and it provides a toolkit to apply design thinking concept for immediate use in work every day. The book is organized into four sections, in the first two sections, it gives design thinking introduction and values and application in the business world. The third section looks at sixteen key problems that most businesses face, with each challenge targeted by tailored a design thinking approach.

Date of Article: 31-January-2020