Everything You Need To Know About Email Opt-In

You must have come across various websites where there is a space for you to fill in your email address. Next, you can submit it if you wish to receive emails from a website. In case you had furnished your email address, you may have received emails later on. These can be newsletters, advertisements, special offers, etc. This exactly is known as email opt-in. An opt-in email is an email that a website sends to people who have willingly signed up for by providing their email address.

Email opt-in is a highly targeted approach in digital marketing. The company, at the outset, seeks the permission of the recipients, thus making sure that they are interested in their offerings. In most cases, opt-in emails serve promotional purposes, though they have other uses too. In other words, email opt-in is a marketing tool that allows the company to build up a strong email list quickly in an easy and cost-efficient manner. If the recipient wants, he or she can get themselves removed from the mailing list.

A detailed explanation of how email opt-in would help your business
Email opt-in can help a company in several ways. This is why it is gaining immense popularity with both business and other websites. Here are a few factors which make email opt-in an important tool:

  • Helps building a large mailing list: The most obvious benefit of email opt-in is that it helps to build up a large mailing list. The process is automated and simple, you can easily use this tool even without much technical know-how. This tool collects all the data and builds the email list by itself, instead of you having to do it all manually.
  • Cost-efficient process: Email opt-in is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your product. As long as your marketing strategy is good, the email opt-in tool will help boost your sales considerably once you build up a strong email list.
  • Enhances open rate: Open rate is the number of emails sent by you that the recipients opened, compared to the total number of emails you sent them. For most recipients, there are a large number of unwanted promotional emails that get stashed in the trash or spam categories. Opt-in can help your mails avoid ending up in these categories, thus improving the open rate of your mails.
  • Helps you target potential customers:  Email marketing is carried out widely, as a result of which most people who come across the emails might not be interested. Email opt-in is highly targeted as the recipient voluntarily provides his or her email address, thus showing interest. The result of such opt-in emails is much better.
  • Customize the mails: The marketers can track the purchases made by the buyers on their website. This would allow them to customize the future advertisement mails, thank you mails and emails seeking feedback.
  • Grows the interest of potential customers: Several websites not only allow a person to opt-in but also choose areas or topics they are interested in.  The email receivers are more likely to follow up on the mails and make favorable actions if they receive updates on topics/products they specifically need. You can tailor your mails to meet your customer’s interests, thus ensuring that the mail is more effective.
  • Helps with analytics: Email opt-in is very helpful in tracking the progress and performance of your business.  In initial stages, if visitors to the site are not even interested in further information about a new service or product offering – it is not a good sign. Similarly, a lot of sign-ins show some acceptance of the product or service.  Moreover, such emails could also be used to get feedback from customers. This helps businesses understand how they can beat their competition in the market. This, in turn, would help your business flourish, with higher profits.

How to choose the right email opt-in tool?
Although email opt-in is very useful, you must make sure that you pick the right software. There are several opt-in tools. While the right tool would help you enhance your business greatly, the wrong tool would give a sub-optimal benefit.

Email opt-in is a very useful tool to have in the toolset of a digital marketer. Email opt-in would help to turn your visitors into potential customers, thus increasing the sales. It can help you beat your competition by providing you with a larger customer base.

Moreover, as it can collect specific data on what the customers want, the chances of your customers buying after receiving your mails would be higher. You can personalize a good opt-in tool to specifically meet your needs.

Most importantly, it is a cost-effective approach to an advertisement. You can use this tool to build a strong email list quickly without having to shell out a large amount of money. An email opt-in tool is suitable for a variety of websites and businesses.