Comparing Iphone VS Android OS Phones – Market Share, User Behavior And Other Aspects

There will hardly be anyone who disagrees with the fact that a Smartphone has now become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. It has been seen that on average; users allocate roughly half of their time to various apps of this smart device. As we all know, Smartphone users are categorized into two groups based on these devices – iPhone and Android phones users.

The iPhone and Android phones come with different features, with regard to the way in which users need to operate and manage the devices. Apple Corporation which owns the iPhone is very strict on security and app makers are reviewed in detail before adding on the App Store.  Android is lot easier to compromise on security and does not really compare favorably with Apple. App makers many times get their App added to the Android in few hours.

With the iPhone,  “Apple” is the only brand option when one wants to buy the handset.  Android is totally opposite to that! Several brands like HTC, Samsung and LG, etc, offer top quality android phones and hence; users have wide range of choices. Greater flexibility is what sets Android apart from iPhone.

Now, let’s have an overview of the market share of the Android and Apple phones, in the market of the USA, and also few pertinent points.

  • When the USA market is taken into account, even to this day; Android is in the leading position, with the corresponding market share of over 50 percent.
  • The profitability of Apple phones is huge and no other smartphone device or software maker comes anywhere close.
  • When the scenario of the last seven years is viewed, the share of Apple has increased by about 20 percent.
  • Currently, the total number of users of iPhone devices  in the USA is in excess of 100 million and, this figure is projected to rise over time
  • Some market experts do not give much credence to the above growth of iPhone users. For, when the worldwide picture is considered, there has been a decline of approximately 10 percent in the market share of iPhones.

The focus of this article shall now move on to having a basic understanding of the differences in both behaviors and also few other related aspects, of users of iPhones and Android devices.

  • In terms of time devoted to interacting with numerous apps, the users of iPhones are ahead of their counterparts who have chosen Android phones.
  • The yearly earnings of iPhone users are higher than that of people relying on Android devices.
  • In the same way, apps like anti-virus and performance boosters have more takers on the Android platform. And, this is applicable also for paid apps and not just the ones that are free.
  • Many Android users tend to personalize their phones so that the devices match their preferences. But, loyalists of iPhone are just contented with the fact that their experience with phones will remain unchanged.
  • As per one research study, when a comparison is made between users of Android and iPhone, positive traits such as humility and integrity are more common in the former. Similarly, extroversion is a characteristic displayed more, by people using iPhones.
  • The gender-based surveys on the choice of phones state that there is a two-fold increase in the chances of women buying an iPhone. Men are more inclined towards the Android device.