Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Business Website

Date Published: 9-Apr-2015

With many changing trends and other factors in today’s business environment, business owners are forced to implement various strategies to survive in the market. Of these changes, business owners realized the importance of maintaining a strong web presence to stay competitive and profitable with minimal spending factors.

Web presence requires creation of website and its maintenance. To stay updated or to reach audience, business owners need to have a good website that is easy to design, build and maintain. But many business owners are unaware of the tools and applications that they need to opt for building and maintaining websites

What is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source blog software tool that helps you to easily build and maintain a website or blog. In 2003, it was originally used to set up a blog but in later years because of its improved capabilities and extensions, it has become Content Management Software (CMS) that can be used to run personal or full-sized business websites.

What is Content Management Software (CMS)?
CMS is a tool that allows anyone to create, edit and publish content. Earlier CMS software was used to manage documents and files on the local computer but most CMS now available are exclusively designed to manage content on the web.

It provides user interface that allows one or more users to publish content live on the Web. Because of its simplified updating process or features, most people prefer web interface CMS. Also, web-based CMSs are automatically updated ensuring users to have the latest tools available to manage their site content.

Below are some benefits of using WordPress as a platform to your business’s website.

  • Simple: WordPress is popular for its simplicity. Even non tech savvy person can use it with less effort compared to other tools. The design options that are available in WordPress allow users to click on few buttons to create and manage template based blogs. As this tool is browser-based, you can login from any internet connected computer and manage your website.
  • No advanced HTML/CSS knowledge required: Unlike other HTML editing softwares (Adobe, Dreamviewer), WordPress is a self-contained system. You don’t need to have advanced HTML/CSS knowledge. You can easily create new pages, format texts, upload documents & multimedia files, manage galleries etc.
  • Ready-to-use themes and customizable: WordPress provides number of free themes that you can choose relevant to your business with no effort. There is no need to worry about look and feel about your site as some of the most popular free plugins and themes available are robust in nature due to the regular upgrades by developers to keep up with new WordPress upgradations. WordPress also offers plenty of opportunities for customization.
  • Search-engine friendliness: WordPress is Search Engine Friendly because of its simple and cleanly written code. It allows search engines to easily crawl, read and index website’s content.
  • Built-in blogs: Originally WordPress was created for blogging. Its built-in blogging capabilities allow you to easily create and integrate various options like setting up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog, commenting capabilities, automatically adding most recent posts to the other pages to extend the business’s reach.
  • Site functionality can be expanded with plugins: As WordPress is open source platform with many free plugins available; you can expand your site beyond blogging. The changes you want to make your site with the help of plugins allow you to instantly change the look and feel of your entire site due to its flexible and scalable provided framework feature.
  • Enables site security: Unlike other softwares, WordPress is more secure. You can make your site hackers-proof by hardening WordPress installation. By taking experts’ guidance you can tighten the security further while setting up installation so that you can make your site free from vulnerability issues.
  • Allows having multiple users with various security levels: WordPress allows you to set-up multiple users with various security levels to access and monitor your website. For each user, administrator of the site will assign different access levels and capabilities.
  • Better time management: Any blogger who uses WordPress tool can better manage their time because of scheduling properties and automatic code developing buttons available. Suppose, you want to add and publish the content on certain day and time, then you need not wait for that day. Simply, you can auto-schedule to post your content.
  • Control of the site maintenance: Website can be easily maintained with the help of WordPress. No need to wait for a designer or any person to make simple changes/updates to your site. It offers complete control on every aspect of your site presence.

With so many benefits offered by WordPress, you can easily start running a Professional website on your own with minimal efforts.