5 Reasons to Consider New Domain Extensions

Date Published: 15-Feb-2018 | By: Uma Sri In the last few years the domain universe has greatly expanded. By new domain extensions, we are specifically talking about new generic Top Level Domains (TLDs). With hundreds of domain names, it has never been so easier to find a domain that perfectly matches your brands. But, will your new extension …

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Benefits of Using Responsive Design For Websites

Date Published: 28-Oct-2016 | By: Uma Sri Every website is designed for a purpose and will need to have features required by users to give a good experience. Based on the needs of a particular business, websites are made by choosing features that make sense and eliminating those that are not appreciated by the target audience …

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Some of The Useful Google Terms Related to Websites

Once the website is ready to do online business, only then most people think about optimizing their website to rank well in the search engines. Most website owners take the help of digital marketing services to help them out with different aspects of digital marketing and deploy various strategies that will boost their rankings. However, …

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Understanding the Importance of Responsive Design for Your Websites

Responsive web design responds to the websites based on the device type and the screen size. It is hard and impractical to have unique design for devices from different companies such as Apple, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung etc. Each device has specific screen resolution and it requires a unique design approach to fit the content for …

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Using Tags and Categories for Better Navigation on Your Site

Internet users are busy. They want the information they are looking for quickly. Thus user experience of the blog with respect to navigation is very important. When it comes to navigation, website/blog owners forget basics like usage of tags and categories. This article helps you know the purpose and need of tags and categories.