An Overview Of The E-Commerce Market In The USA

Ever since the inception of the concept of e-commerce, reputed brands from the US have dominated the market. Starting with Amazon, a large number of e-commerce giants have set benchmarks for the rest of the industry. With competition soaring from global counterparts, these companies have been strategic in planning their marketing mix.

In 2019, the e-commerce market in the US is likely to continue. This will be the tenth consecutive year, where the e-commerce industry in the US will enjoy a double-digit growth rate. Amazon, for instance, is expected to increase its market share to 37.7% in 2019, from 36.5% in 2018. Walmart, too, will be increasing its share in the US e-commerce market.

Customer satisfaction in the US e-commerce sector
One of the prime reasons for the success of e-commerce businesses in the US is the high satisfaction rate of customers. Besides, mobile shopping in the country has been increasing manifold over the years. Across various age groups, people are enjoying shopping through their mobile devices. With the e-commerce giants prioritizing customer satisfaction, they are able to retain their clients.

For the first time in the history of the US e-commerce industry, the market share of this sector will surpass 10% of the total retail sales in the US. It is expected that the customers will continue to spend online. As compared to 10.7% in terms of retail spending in 2018, the figure will increase to around 14% in 2019.

Channels in the US e-commerce market
In 2019, it is expected that e-commerce will be driving around 45% of the retail growth in the US. A significant segment of the leads will be coming through mobile users. Again, a trend reveals that certain products have remarkably high demand across online platforms. Some of the products, which were traditionally sold in the brick-and-mortar infrastructure, are presently being sold online. The sales of beverages in the e-commerce segment will be growing by 23.1%. The growth of personal care and beauty and health will be around 18.6%.

Growth of e-commerce companies in the US
With competition soaring, leading companies like Amazon are facing it challenging to sustain the growth rate. Now, the big question is whether they will continue to grow at this present rate? Or will the big giants give way to comparatively smaller yet progressive e-commerce companies?

Walmart being a multichannel e-commerce giant, is likely to offer stiff competition to Amazon. Although the smaller companies are expected to gain more customers, the established firms are in no position to give way. Some of the relatively new yet successful e-commerce companies include Apple Sites, eBay and Target. Online sellers in the US presently consider eBay to be the most popular marketplace online.

One of the remarkable trends in the e-commerce market in the US has been the increasing integration of mobile shopping. Previously, young people used to engage in online shopping through mobile devices. However, people from a significantly diverse age groups shop online through mobile phones. This has contributed further to the growth of e-commerce in the US.