Email Marketing Best Practices

There are multiple studies and reports that have provided facts on the effectiveness of email marketing. In this article, we will move forward to understanding the best practices for email marketing.

First email marketing is not as simple as it apparently looks. If a business is serious about attracting customers with an email campaign then some guidelines must be followed. This article endeavors to briefly focus on some of these key aspects that need to be taken care of to get good results from the email marketing campaigns.  

  • Test mail: First and foremost, a business will greatly benefit by sending a test mail to its own ID, before directing it to prospects. This is a definite way to make sure that the content of the mail is fully appropriate; any errors/omissions can promptly be rectified. In fact, this way it can be verified whether or not the email is properly opening on both smartphones and also computers.
  • No spam mails: Yes! Refraining from indiscriminately sending emails to people who are yet to sign-up is very crucial. These are categorized as spam mails and, excess spamming could compel your service provider to remove you from the email marketing altogether. Also, organizations have to run the extra mile to ensure that the matter in mails is completely relevant.
  • Welcome mail: Welcome emails are extremely vital, as they determine as to how interactions with consumers are going to progress! As suggested by the name, an organization is entailed to send these emails, soon after the users sign-up. These communications need to be personalized, in that they must contain the name of the person receiving the mail. Additionally, this mail should provide clear details on what exactly the users can look forward to, in subsequent communications from the company. 
  • No JavaScript: It is important to understand that JavaScript is blocked by the majority of email applications, as a safeguard measure against viruses. Thus, a company should be doubly sure that its mails are totally free of all aspects of JavaScript.
  • Enable tracking: When you want to derive maximum gains from email marketing, please make note of the significance of keeping tracking enabled. This gives you an accurate picture of the pattern in which users respond to the mails. You need to take this step in initial stages, while the mail campaign is being designed. For, once the emails are sent, no modifications can be made, in this connection.
  • Option for unsubscribing: Are you surprised at reading the word “unsubscribe”? When the primary objective is to sell the product/service, why does the email marketing content have to mention about unsubscribing? The answer is simple! The presence of the option of unsubscribing, in mail campaigns, is compulsory as per the laws that combat the menace of spam. Other than that, when users see “unsubscribe”, a positive impression of our business subtly gets conveyed to them. Your company shall gain respect as an entity that respects the choice of consumers! 
  • Frequency of mails: Remember, if you bombard users with excess mails, they’ll have no second thoughts on unsubscribing! But at the same time, it’s essential that you are in touch with people, lest they forget about your brand! So, what is the solution? Here, all that has to be done is that, allow the consumers to decide on the frequency at which they prefer to receive emails from your business.