Why Should You Choose Content Marketing to Promote Your Online Business?

Date Published: 17-Aug-2012 | By: Kerry K Robinson

Content marketing seeks to market your business by creating valuable and user-friendly content for your business. It creates a win-win situation for your business and audience. It aids in providing informative, useful, valuable content to your audience, while positioning you as an expert adviser in the industry. This also is the most reliable way of marketing, as people are inclined to trust whatever is written about your business, rather than what is claimed in text ads, videos or images.

Content marketing gives you an opportunity to share your expert opinions, ideas and suggestions with your target audiences. Once users start reading and appreciating your ideas, they start to rely on you for any kind of queries in your industry. This increases your reputation as industry expert and makes you the central source for quality content.

Engages relevant audience
Content created to market your website is based on frequently searched keywords by your targeted customers. Hence, the more content you create concentrating on your products/services, the more are the chances of you being identified by the targeted group.

The key to content marketing is providing content that your audiences are looking for. Hence, creating comprehensive content on your business and posting at the right place online helps you fetch the relevant audience and also encourages them to connect with you.

Helps in search engine rankings
Having said that content impacts your business a lot, remember, not every piece of content does the job. Only good quality content that is informative to the audiences is highly appreciated.

This kind of content attracts a lot of traffic and generates inbound links considerably. These factors will positively impact the search engine rankings of your site. Quality, uniqueness and relevance of content are critical to improve search engine rankings.

Helps in increasing ROI
Content marketing, apart from generating traffic and building awareness of your brand, plays a key role in increasing ROI.

First, it has significant effect on your business sales by improving the search engine rankings of your business. Businesses having links of quality content are likely to rank higher in search engines. Second, content marketing helps increase ROI by generating higher conversions. According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is said to create 69% of brand awareness, 68% of customer acquisition and 67% of lead generation. Thus, it is amply clear that content marketing plays an important role in driving sales.

Measure results
It is easy to track the impact of your content on sales. Identifying the content that is working and the content that’s not working is easy. You just have to monitor few things like:

  • Type of content that your audience is responding to
  • Sites that are preferring your content
  • Visitors that subscribed to your blogs
  • Type of content the visitor appreciates the most and performs the purchase action
  • Sales, leads and ROIs generated from specific content pieces

Content marketing, like any other form of Internet marketing, can be customized as per the call for action – to generate leads/sales, create awareness or increase traffic. Further, it can also be customized as per the local audience.

Though creating content for your business seems to be easy, it is advisable to take professional help. Professionals in content writing specific to online marketing will help you by providing high quality content that makes a positive impact on your business.

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