Benefits Of Cloud Hosted Apps for Small And Medium Business (SMB)

Although cloud systems existed ever since emails came into being, it was much later that cloud hosted apps started changing the operational mechanism in businesses. The SMBs have also active embraced cloud hosted apps. The virtual storage space is capable of hosting apps, and in the process, delivers a large number of benefits. Presently, enterprises of various sizes including SMBs are using cloud hosted apps to make the most of their benefits.

Presently, cloud systems are undergoing a massive rate of adoption of apps and software. A statistic reveals that business firms run 79% of their operations on the cloud. While 38% of these operations take place in private cloud, 41% takes place in public cloud.

Here are the key benefits of using cloud hosted apps:

Low investments, high ROI
When you go for cloud-hosted apps, you need not incur the extra burden of investing in security systems, dedicated servers, storage hardware and backup. In the process, the overall setup expenses of the application are slashed down significantly. It is much easier to configure the app in the cloud system, as it mitigates the overhead on an organization’s IT operations department. Besides, it minimizes the expenses of incorporating mission-critical applications and keep them under maintenance. The overall ROI is high, as the users can benefit in lower investment in terms of:

  • Investment of upfront capital
  • Utilization and power cost
  • Workforce cost

Greater reliability
In terms of reliability, the cloud platforms serve the purpose well. One can roll back the deployed back to a specific version any time. In the process, they can address probable disasters with a strong procedure. Therefore, you can reduce the cost and time of establishing a duplicate centre for data recovery. The recovery process takes place much faster. Besides, the cloud disaster management procedure is very cost-effective.

Enhanced teamwork
When your apps operate on the cloud systems, your teams operating from different locations can get access to data at the same time. They can also share the files and edit the same on the cloud. It enhances the collaboration effort, enabling SMB firms make informed decisions. This also keeps all the team members abreast with the latest updates, that are performed on these applications. One can also share the desired information in real time. In the process, the time required for software development is reduced significantly.

Better data management
Various departments of an SMB business collaborate or work together while using the software. Cloud hosted apps remain consistent in terms of usability across platforms whether it is used from corporate office, field operations or factory locations. Since everything is stored in a single location, this prevents issues in variations in data from cropping up. The advantage of cloud systems is that the integrity and consistency of data is ensured.

Scaling up and down
SMB Business firms may have to scale their apps up or down from time to time, depending on the fluctuations in the markets. When you use an app hosted on the cloud system, you can seamlessly choose an increased or decreased capacity of the cloud. Therefore, you can choose the capacity as per the requirements of your business. In the process, you can enjoy a greater degree of flexibility, which enhances the operational productivity. On the other hand, the traditional systems make the process costly and tedious.

Considering these benefits, most of the SMB firms are opting for cloud-hosted apps.