Mistakes to Avoid With Your New Website Design

Gone are the days when having an attractive website was optional for businesses – a choice that could be ignored without any major ramifications! Currently, this is the age where companies are required to ensure that their websites are designed in a foolproof manner, leaving no margin for major errors!  Today, any significant mistake on new website design invariably leads to an unpleasant consequence: losing a large number of customers!

The design of your website needs to be in such a way that accessing and navigating the site should become an enjoyable experience for the users. Things should be kept simple, while simultaneously taking care of aesthetic appeal.  The end goal is to make the visitors coming back to the website again and again!

Achieving all that is not easy but at the same time, it is not a herculean task either! While designing the website, caution in avoiding some mistakes is all that is needed. With these precautions taken while designing a new website, your customer base will increase in due course.  Let’s look at these vital aspects while moving to new website design.

Mistake 1 – crammed website
No doubt, your website has to provide information to your visitors. But that does not mean that you cram the website with excess textual content, images, etc. All that will achieve is it creates a bad user experience and hurt you by pushing visitors away from your website. If you do not want such a thing to happen, avoid cramming your site with too much information.

Mistake 2 – a paucity of information:
If some sites, stuff too much information on their websites, there are others who do the opposite. Many businesses fail to give even the basic details on their sites. As a result, users are left puzzled as to what exactly is being offered to them! Here, a perfect equilibrium has to be arrived at- all required information has to be conveyed and at the same time, the site should not appear to be stuffed with excess content!

Mistake 3 – website design incompatible with mobile devices
This mistake can be rated as a serious deviation, considering the rapid surge in the use of mobiles.  If you want to grow your business through website, it’s indispensable that the website is accessible from mobile phones. If the site is not optimized for mobile devices, it won’t be too long before you start seeing the negative consequences.

Mistake 4 – slow loading website design
We can’t be oblivious to the fact that the patience levels of Internet users are quite low. To be clearer, if a site doesn’t open quickly, users just click “back” and move on to some other web page. The message for companies like you is loud and clear – do not test the users’ patience; make sure that your page opens quickly!

Mistake 5 – Ineffectiveness of slideshows
Several organizations hold the misconception that the inclusion of slideshows in websites will be awesome. Nothing can be farther from the truth! In this regard, it has been observed that after 2-3 slides visitors become disinterested. Visitors, lose no further time in jumping to the subsequent segment of the webpage. And, whatever important details are there in later part of the slideshows will simply be ignored.

Mistake 6 – Underestimating relevance of a blog:
If your priority is to convert prospects into actual customers on your website, never underestimate the relevance of a blog. The blog is the place where you can provide information that is unique to your business and which sets you apart from competitors.  Ensure your blog pages have great content that engages the visitors!

Above are some major mistakes to avoid while redesigning your website. Your decision to update your website design is a good choice. After a few years, many sites start looking stale and outdated. However, to really get the benefit of the new website design and engaging with your target audience you must avoid some common mistakes.