Design Thinking And Its Key Principles

Design thinking has gained significant popularity, especially in the last decade. Design thinking is effective in resolving problems in creative and practical ways. This approach is based on the process used by the designers. Due to its origin with design, it is commonly referred with this nomenclature. Design thinking evolved from multiple disciplinesHowever, the approach …

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Benefits Of Cloud Hosted Apps for Small And Medium Business (SMB)

Although cloud systems existed ever since emails came into being, it was much later that cloud hosted apps started changing the operational mechanism in businesses. The SMBs have also active embraced cloud hosted apps. The virtual storage space is capable of hosting apps, and in the process, delivers a large number of benefits. Presently, enterprises …

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is nothing but incorporating digital technology into a business, encompassing the entire operations. The primary goal of this transformation is to enhance interactions with customers, along with providing improved services to them. For any business to survive in the contemporary market, digital transformation is mandatory! If a business organization thinks contrary to that, …

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Essential Concepts to Know for Your Small Business Online Marketing

Online marketing is constantly moving towards more innovative ideas and strategies. The concepts that were a big hit yesterday may not be applicable today. So, it is imperative for every online marketer to keep himself updated with the changing trends. However, there are some essential concepts of online marketing which are the basics and will not change with time.