How Online Desk Research Is Better Than Traditional Research?

The marketing activity is changing more dynamically than ever due to the economic realignment in the recent times. The vital part of any marketing initiative is Market Research. Comprehensive market research provides insights to marketers on target markets and customer segments. It provides information that facilitates strategic and informative business decisions to target the most profitable market.

The label ‘desk research’ is more appropriate to online secondary research, as a market researcher collects data to the most extent without moving from his desk from Web. With the change in business environment, the market research requirements became more demanding that made Online Desk Research appropriate and viable to most of the businesses.

Variety of Sources
Internet has around 238 million websites as of June, 2009, according to Netcraft. These websites represents many kinds of sources such as competitor companies, trade bodies, research organizations, industry experts etc. They give the required diversity of the resources to market research to evaluate the data from various angles and perceptions.

Latest Information
Internet provides the latest insights into an issue from various sources instantly. The researcher doesn’t have to wait for the data to be physically published and shipped to him. Latest information is available online and is accessible from any corner of the world within no time.

Time Effective
Online desk research can provide a quick glance of the already existing information without much effort. In examining information like social, economic or demographic trends often, it is a better method than primary research. When a business needs to have a quick view of a market situation, online desk research is a better option rather than opting for traditional research.

Cost Effective
Online desk research can be done efficiently with less cost than traditional research as it takes less time and effort of the researchers. One more advantage of online desk research is, businesses can outsource the research to specialists that saves more expenditure while maintaining the quality.

The revolution of information access on the Internet continues to affect both market and societal environments, which is very important for businesses to keep a tap on. The changing business scenarios stress more on this opportunity and should not be overlooked.