A Marketer Cannot Build a Successful Product or Business for You

Date Published: 3-May-2013 | By: Pete Dubaka

Many SMBs either think they don’t need a marketer, since their products/services are so good that people will buy automatically or expect marketing companies to do the entire job of getting customers to the business. In fact, both are wrong.

A marketer’s job is to help you find more good customers once you have established a success story with one or few customers. Marketers cannot build a product that sells but they will help you build a strong customer base for a successful product. They cannot build your business, but they can help you get more business given a successful product/service.

Finding a product/service that sells is your job
There are probably two important ways to find a product/service that has wings. First is about researching and experimenting based on a hunch or in search of a product. Second, is based on your past work experience, you figure out what the customers need. Especially when you see the current product/service is not addressing the needs.

After finding the idea that works, you should be able to serve the customers and deliver value to them. Not being able to execute is equivalent to not having the idea.

Turning strangers in to customers is also the company’s job
Another area is to be able to make a stranger with a need for your product/service your customer. Many entrepreneurs think that once they have a good product/service people will buy and give them a check. Well, it does not work like that. You need to have a mechanism, process and method to get an interested person to award the sale/project to you. This is part and parcel of every business and whoever is good at it will get more business.

A marketing company can feed the leads to your sales force to enable you to convert the leads to sales.

Many SMB owners are not aware of these facts and expect the marketing team to do their job. Just an awareness of these facts will make most SMB owners to change their expectations.

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