Essential Concepts to Know for Your Small Business Online Marketing

Date Published: 26-Jun-2013 | Author: Kerry K Robinson

essential concepts to know for your small business online marketingOnline marketing is constantly moving towards more innovative ideas and strategies. The concepts that were a big hit yesterday may not be applicable today. So, it is imperative for every online marketer to keep himself updated with the changing trends. However, there are some essential concepts of online marketing which are the basics and will not change with time. Every small business owner should be aware of these concepts and make it a practice to learn and apply them in order to succeed in the online space. We discuss here the concepts briefly.

Users’ intent
Behind every search query on the Internet, there is an objective on the part of the searcher, which is nothing but users’ intent. Your target audience will be actively looking for some information/solution related to your business. So, if you are able to figure out the reason behind their search, you will be able to serve your target markets better.

List everything that your company offers. Look at the search queries that bring your customers to your site. All these things will give you a better picture about your user’s intent, by which you can design your online marketing strategies.

Authoritative content
There are so many businesses specific to your niche on the Internet. One thing that helps you differentiate your business from your competitors or other similar businesses is authoritative content. Well, what is authoritative content? Authoritative content, unlike regular content is more insightful, in-depth, practical, relevant and easy to understand. Keep these things in mind and use your expertise to help your target audience’s through your content.

Publishing authoritative content on your website helps your target audience identify you as a credible online business. It helps you to earn trust which is important to make customers loyal to your business.

User experience
Starting from the basic website design to making an online transaction you need to give a good experience to the user. Good user experience greatly helps your online success. It helps you create long-term relationships and encourage loyalty among customers.

Buying cycle – consumer behavior
Buying cycle of a customer has different stages like, some customers are searching on the Internet for awareness, and some are looking for solution while others want to directly purchase a product. Between awareness and purchase there are different stages like education, comparison, etc. So, unless you are aware of the complete buying cycle of your target customers you cannot acknowledge their needs at every stage of buying cycle. Based on the products/services you offer you should try to figure out all the queries your target customers have and try to provide a solution through your website.

Visitors’ point of view
Thinking from the visitors’ point of view is also an essential online marketing concept. If you put yourself in your target audience’s shoes, you will get a clear idea about what they want, how they feel about your website, products/services, brand, etc. This will help you make the necessary changes in your online marketing strategy.

People come to your website to find information, to find solutions for their problems or to make a purchase. If they find something not relevant to what they are looking for, they’ll leave and never come back to your website. This context explains importance of relevancy. Make sure you are including only the things that are relevant to your business/industry. May it be an image, text content, video or any other thing, it has to be relevant.

As mentioned earlier, these are the basic concepts every small business owner should follow while designing their online marketing strategy for their business. Ignoring these concepts and spending hundreds of dollars on online advertising and not focusing on online marketing will leave you in trouble. If you are new to online marketing, take help of a professional SEO service provider who is aware of these concepts and has the ability to design your online marketing campaigns around these concepts.

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