Using Tags and Categories for Better Navigation on Your Site

Internet users are busy. They want the information they are looking for quickly. Thus user experience of the blog with respect to navigation is very important. When it comes to navigation, website/blog owners forget basics like usage of tags and categories. This article helps you know the purpose and need of tags and categories.

Things to Consider When Designing Navigation for Your Website

It is very important to design your website’s navigational structure in such a way that it offers good user experience. Enabling back button, appropriate placing and labeling of navigational elements, creating headings for lengthy pages, creating sitemaps, guidance on location, etc. are the key factors to consider while designing navigation.

Benefits of Providing Useful and Informational Content on Your Website

The Internet is loaded with information. Many websites are offering information, but few are really focused on providing useful information for their users. It’s worth spending time and money to provide useful and informational content as it offers many benefits. To know the benefits read this article.

Why Online Desk Research Is Recommended Before Primary Research?

Online desk research is a systematic examination of the available online sources and data in the context of a research objective. In many research assignments, initial desk research is strongly recommended before primary research to gain background knowledge of a subject as well as get useful leads that will help to get the maximum from …

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