Six Simple Tips to Make Best Use of Your Business Website

Date Published: 17-Jun-2013 | Author: Nancy Jones

six simple tips to make best use of your business websiteToday, the Internet is growing popular among people to find information and to buy products. Almost every business has a website, but only few are really leveraging the benefits the Internet offers. Conversely, many business owners are not making the best use of their business website. They own a website, but it neither helps them in their marketing efforts nor does it help their customers in their purchasing decisions.

This article offers you six simple tips that can be used to improve your business website to attract, engage and turn visitors into loyal customers of your business.

Tip#1: Maintain a great blog
When was the last time you wrote a blog on your website? If it’s been a while, then it’s probably the time to start using your website blog as a marketing tool to share your expertise and ideas with your audience. Maintaining and regularly posting blogs in your website helps your visitors keep informed on the latest happenings in your business.

Your readers will like if you regularly write articles on your blog. It shows that you are interested in your business and actively trying to help people by providing information regularly.

Tip#2: Have great content on the website
Offering content that is great and of quality is one of the best and effective ways to improve your business website. While writing for your blog, make sure you write content that is helpful for your users. A blog with informational/educational content helps your visitors, and they will keep coming back for information. Remember, content needs to be original and of good quality.

It is not only for blogs, but also equally important that every page of your website has great content. Your website must focus on your audiences’ interests and to execute this, great content should be created in the form of articles that speak about your products and services.

Tip#3: Make it aesthetically appealing
It is important that your website stands out in the competition and this can only be achieved if you make your website aesthetically appealing. The presentation of your website is as important as the content in your website.

What makes a website aesthetically appealing? Choice of colors for text, background, links, navigation, headers and layouts. Consistency across all pages is important – make sure that the layout, colors and font are consistent throughout the website.

Also make sure that you post real images of people or products. Your audiences may not appreciate graphic images of products or picture-perfect models. Images and the text content on your website should complement each other. Well-designed graphics make your site appealing and encourage audience to stay on your site for a longer time.

Google’s new algorithms are making sure they are not ranking the sites that are not well maintained.

Tip#4: Make it easy to use (navigation and accessibility)
Web users are usually impatient and if your website is not clear and pages are not easy to navigate, they will for sure leave your website. So, it is very important to make your website easier to use for your audience, so that they will find what they are looking for.

Make sure you remove cluttered pages as they make it difficult for users to navigate.

Tip#5: Focus on delivering value to the visitors
This point may surprise many who think they can win online just by impressing the search engines. They ignore the basic and the most important thing – delivering value to visitors, not search engines.

Your website should contain useful, reliable and interesting content that your visitors read and share. Through delivering value, you can build trust and authority in your niche. Even Google rewards sites that post content that is related to their own business.

Tip#6: Proper assessment of website analytics
Web analytics helps you know the visitors’ activity on your website. You will get to know where visitors are coming from, for how long they are staying on your website, what they are doing on the website and on which pages they are staying longer. Based on these things, you can highlight the pages which your visitors like, and then optimize or enhance the pages that they are not spending time on.

These tips may look simple, but they are the crux of every successful website online. So, why not use these tips to make the most out of it to promote your business and convert visitors into leads.

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