Understanding The Importance of Fresh Content for Websites

A constant flow of fresh and improved content keeps the readers engaged as well as helps the site to rank well in the Google search. In order to make people come back repeatedly to the website the content should be fresh getting updated regularly. Particularly, websites that do online business should keep their site fresh …

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Understanding the Importance of Responsive Design for Your Websites

Responsive web design responds to the websites based on the device type and the screen size. It is hard and impractical to have unique design for devices from different companies such as Apple, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung etc. Each device has specific screen resolution and it requires a unique design approach to fit the content for …

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How SMBs can Compete Against Big Companies?

Date Published: 3-Oct-2016 | By: Uma Sri Competing against bigger and more established firms has always been a challenge for small and medium businesses. Some SMBs stay under the impression that they cannot compete with major players because they don’t have enough budget and resources to support their business. While others have realized that it is …

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Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin for WordPress Websites

Whether it is an e-commerce website or an online news channel, people invest lot of time and money in designing their websites to give a better browsing experience to their users. While the desktop computers are still relevant for browsing internet sites, the usage of smart phones and tablets has predominantly increased in the past …

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The Importance of Marketing Mind-Set in Digital Marketing

On the topic of digital marketing best practices, when discussions or articles are reviewed as the print and online, you will typically find the discussion get into development and changes being made by the Google and other search engines. You will often find the articles talk about the various tools free and paid that are …

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Client’s Expectations from a Professional SEO Provider

Before assigning any project, the client expects certain things from the SEO provider. Maintaining the business relationship with a client by delivering to their expectations is more challenging than getting a project itself. The best way to maintain cordial relationship with the client is by following Relationship Orientation that has many advantages over Transactional Orientation.