Beware Website Owners! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has Changed Drastically

Campaign-styled SEO like high volume low quality link building, forums, postings, comments, etc., are being treated as spam now. It is counter productive now i.e, it can kill your website and business. SEO has changed drastically. In this changing scenario, what is required to rank well is a new paradigm

Analyzing Google’s New Search Algorithm, “Hummingbird”

Google announced “Hummingbird” on 27th September, 2013. It is the biggest change in Google and is not an update or data-refresh, but entirely a new search algorithm and affected 90% of searches. In this article, we will see how Hummingbird works and what small business owners and SEOs should know about it.

Elements That Constitute an Effective Landing Page

Date Published: 05-Nov-2013 | By: Kerry K Robinson ‘Landing page’ or ‘lead capture page’ is one of the important web pages on your website where you want your visitors to land when they come to your site during their purchase process. They could be visitors from search results, banner advertisements, e-mail newsletter or from other …

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Things to Consider When Designing Navigation for Your Website

It is very important to design your website’s navigational structure in such a way that it offers good user experience. Enabling back button, appropriate placing and labeling of navigational elements, creating headings for lengthy pages, creating sitemaps, guidance on location, etc. are the key factors to consider while designing navigation.