Why Your Small Business Website Should Have a Blog?

Date Published: 12-Jul-2013 | By: Kerry K Robinson

Many small business owners think that promoting and branding their business will cost them huge amount. They generally are weak in finances and look for cheaper alternatives that can make a huge impact. Maintaining a good website with a decent blog is one such alternative that helps small business promote their businesses cost-effectively.

Having a blog in your small business website is very important. It has multiple advantages – it helps you gain your readers’ trust, drives more traffic and expands your brand.

A blog adds value to your Internet marketing strategy, and it enhances the interaction and engagement with customers. Let us discuss why you should consider having a blog in your website.

A blog is an inexpensive means of communicating with your customers

Blogging is an inexpensive way to brand and promote your business and a great way to communicate and connect with your potential customers. Through the blog, you can send messages to customers, reply to the comments and address their concerns instantly.

It is an inexpensive tool for communicating with customers and a low cost method to get your company’s name out in the World Wide Web and reach a larger set of targeted audience. Literally, maintaining a blog (creating content, publishing and responding to comments) for the full month costs lesser than 1/10 of a 10-second TV ad during prime time.

Better relationship with customers

Publishing educational and informational content relevant to your service/product helps businesses better engage with their customers, drive sales and build customer loyalty.

A blog enables you to interact with your customers regularly. Interaction with customers gives good insights. As you keep posting good content, over time customers are likely to develop trust and you will earn their goodwill. Your blog is likely to become an important source of information for customers. It improves your relationship with your customers.

Customers can express their concern as and when they need

The blog in your website helps customers express their view point on your product/service. They may express their genuine concerns on the blog any time. They can simply write their view point and post it immediately.

Watch out for such comments. Be proactive while replying to the legitimate concerns and posting content. This is likely to make customers loyal to your business. Such loyal customers are likely to yield conversions. It helps in measuring user experience and keeping a track of what users are saying about the business.

Blog helps in better search engine rankings

Blogging regularly helps in improving search engine rankings. Search engines have a positive impression on blogs that are active, accurate and provide authoritative and original content. Search engines look for fresh content and give prominence to websites with such content. Your blog is the best way to provide fresh content. Small business owners need to remember that, to get the most out of their blog, they need to monitor and update their blog regularly.

Better late than never, small business owners should realize the importance of a blog in their website and maintain it properly to attract more traffic and sales to their business. So, in order to be successful, keep blogging regularly.

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