Understanding the Importance of Responsive Design for Your Websites

Responsive web design responds to the websites based on the device type and the screen size. It is hard and impractical to have unique design for devices from different companies such as Apple, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung etc. Each device has specific screen resolution and it requires a unique design approach to fit the content for …

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Why Title Tag is Important for Your Website

Creating relevant & descriptive title tags attracts visitors and encourages them to visit your web page. A well-written title tag stands out from dozens of web pages that appear on search results. Read this article to know the importance of title tag, how to write a good one and things to avoid when writing title tags

Using Tags and Categories for Better Navigation on Your Site

Internet users are busy. They want the information they are looking for quickly. Thus user experience of the blog with respect to navigation is very important. When it comes to navigation, website/blog owners forget basics like usage of tags and categories. This article helps you know the purpose and need of tags and categories.

Factors that Cause High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who exit a website after viewing only one web page. There are many factors that lead to high bounce rate. Some of them are single page website, internal factors like poor website design, navigation, content, improper external links, marketing factors like wrong keywords, ads and metadescriptions and title.

Do You Really Need HTTPS for Your Small Business Website?

Are you a small business owner confused whether to go with regular HTTP website or opt for HTTPS website? Here are some common questions that may be arising in your mind while setting up a website – What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS website? Will HTTPS hurt/help my business website? Does my entire site needs it or some specific web-pages do? This article clarifies all your doubts.